Jonah Trople Artist 

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Clementine Art Department is a multi-disciplinary design studio that cut its teeth in dusty wood-shops and with old school sign painters doing things the right way: intelligently and with integrity - creating work with soul. Clementine still sticks to its roots, making work that works. Pair that experience with inspiration drawn from a youth filled with skateboards, graffiti, low-fi mixtapes, and basement punk shows and you get an aesthetic whose uniqueness is unfeigned. 

Specializing in illustration, branding, experiential design, and sign-making; Clementine rolls up the sleeves and handles a project start to finish with full hands-on fabrication capabilities. With a logo, identity, graphic or an installation we can help build your dream. Clementine Art Department brings clients stories to life in ways that are artful, unique, full of meaning, and that embody the clients’ vision and purpose. 

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